State and federal appeals

Your Board Certified Appellate Attorney

Whether you lost a civil case, a family law matter, or you wish to appeal your criminal conviction, Attorney Henry Gyden has over twenty years’ experience handing federal and state appeals in various areas of the law, including business law, real estate, contract disputes, foreclosures, family law, and criminal appeals. Attorney Gyden is Florida Bar Certified as an "appellate expert" and "appellate specialist." Let him help you with your appeal.

The Appellate Expertise You Need

Former Florida Supreme Court Justice Leander Shaw explained why appellate expertise are so important:

"[T]here is a difference between the skills needed in litigating a case before trial and appellate courts. Trial litigation - focusing on jury trials - requires jury arguments that are generally structured to lead ordinary people to decide something based on compelling emotional arguments. . . . In appellate advocacy, however, the emphasis switches and the attorney must stress the application of law to facts - keeping in mind the appellate court's concern for uniformity of the law and doing justice."

Hon. Leander Shaw, Supreme Court of Florida, quoted in Appellate Specialization and the Art of Appellate Advocacy by J. S. Carroll, 74-June Fla. B.J. 107 (2000) (quoting letter to author). You need an attorney who is experienced with handling appeals and with addressing the unique concerns of the appellate courts. Attorney Henry Gyden has handled dozens of appeals in the 11 th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Florida, and the various Florida District Courts of Appeal. Contact us to discuss your appeal with Attorney Gyden.