landlord-tenant dispute and evictions

Your Attorney in Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Whether you are a property owner having problems with your tenant, such as non-payment of rent, or a tenant dealing with a landlord who will not fix your unit or you are facing eviction, Gyden Law Group can help you navigate your landlord-tenant dispute. Call us at 813 493-4181 or contact us to discuss your dispute with Attorney Henry Gyden.

Landlord-Tenant Law in Florida

The landlord-tenant relationship, whether commercial or residential, is controlled by your lease agreement and the Florida statutes. As a landlord, you have certain rights and obligations to your tenant, including the right to inspect the property upon notice, the right to protect your property from damage, and your obligation to allow your tenant quiet enjoyment of the property. If your tenant is not paying rent or is damaging your property, as a landlord, you must follow the required procedures before you can have your tenant removed. We can help you with that process to ensure that an unruly or non-paying tenant is timely removed through the appropriate judicial proceeding.

As a tenant, you have certain rights, such as the right to peaceful enjoyment of your property and the right to have your property be maintained in a reasonable working and habitable condition. If your landlord has failed to maintain your unit in a safe and habitable condition, you may be entitled to damages or you may be able to stop paying rent until the unit is fixed. However, there are certain procedures you must follow before you can cease paying your rent. We can help you navigate those procedures if your landlord is not fulfilling his or her obligation to repair your unit.

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