homeowner association (hoa) disputes

Homeowner or Condominium Association Disputes

Certain homes and condominiums in Florida are governed by declarations and covenants, which are enforced by an Association board. Whether you are an Association board looking for an attorney or an individual home or condo owner looking for representation against an Association board, Gyden Law Group can assist you in a wide range of homeowner and condominium disputes. Call us at 813 493-4181 or contact us to discuss how Attorney Henry Gyden can help you.

Skillfully Handling Association Disputes

Homeowners and Condominium associations and property owners may come into conflict over deed restrictions, assessments, and other issues. Often times these disputes cannot be resolved informally, and they may result in the imposition of fines against a property owner’s parcel or unit. Property owners should be aware that these fines, if left unresolved, can lead to liens against the property and possibly foreclosure. Thus, any dispute between a property owner and an Association can have serious consequences for either party.

Gyden Law Group can help either side in these types of disputes. If your dispute ends up needing to go into litigation, you can be confident that experienced Attorney Henry Gyden will effectively assert your rights and interests at every stage.